Promoting peace in Sri Lanka through training, dialogue and outreach for peacebuilding with youth, youth groups and volunteer organizations including psycho-social support

Innovative training approaches, including the use of inter-group dialogues, will be used in order to promote the better understanding of the issues related to peacebuilding, and thus they are able to understand their potential role to promote peacebuilding. This entails the supporting of the activities of VIO (Volunteers Involving Organizations) and the development of university volunteer schemes, as well as the mobilizing and training university students for peacebuilding. UN Youth Volunteers will be mobilized in VIOs to promote knowledge sharing. Youth leadership trainings, furthermore, will be conducted for the purpose of enhancing the participation and mobilization of youth to prevent violent extremism. It also involves working with the institutionalized mechanisms such as regional SGBV forums to support their outreach functions, with the view to ensuring young victims and young perpetrators have access to psycho-social support and related assistance.