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UN Volunteer Voices With Sustainable Development Goals

Heshoban joined UNV as a V-Force member at the age of 18. Since then he has engaged in multiple V-Force projects including International Volunteer Day 2012, post-conflict rehabilitation in Kilinochchi 2014, Public Representations Committee on constitutional reform 2015, amongst others. Heshoban says that nothing compares to the invaluable exposure, life-skills and personal happiness her received through his volunteer activities. Today, at the age of 24 Heshoban works as Programme Support Officer at OHCHR.
Heshoban Thavakumaran
NUNV Programme Support Officer – OHCHR
Nethmini’s volunteering journey began at the time she joined an NGO for the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. She volunteered for 18 months after which she formally joined volunteering with a university club. Nethmini connected with UNV for the first time as a V-Force volunteer in 2013, as a participant at the e-Waste collecting project at Biyagama. Her next landmark V-Force involvement was at the Public Representations Committee for Constitutional Reform in 2015. Nethmini says that the opportunity to work with different communities and cultures has given her a better understanding on the importance of social cohesion. Currently, Nethmini is mobilized as a National UN Volunteer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Nethmini Medawala
NUNV Peacebuilding Assistant – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ralani is a CISCO partnered volunteer working with UNDP Sri Lanka. Her volunteer activity involves bringing in new and innovative technological solutions into Sri Lanka’s development agenda. Recently she worked together with the National Youth Services Council (NYSC) in carrying out a survey at “YowunPuraya” 2017. The survey allowed over 6000 youth participants from all parts of Sri Lanka to voice their opinion on current youth legislation and services. Ralani hopes to continue her work within the technology sector as she believes that it provides a new perspective from which innovative solutions will give Sri Lankan youth a renewed platform for inclusion.
Ralani Weerasinghe
UN Youth Volunteer in Tech and Innovation – UNDP

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